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Prohibition and Excise

Ethyl alcohol is a drug of addiction and is responsible for considerable morbidity and mortality. To curb the crimes involving alcohol consumption drinking alcohol without a valid permit is a crime and possession, sale, export, and import of alcohol-containing beverages is a crime under the Bombay Prohibition Act. Manufacture of illicit liquor from wash samples under 65(f) and altering the denatured spirit preparations by addition of French polish and varnishes used for a commercial purpose is a crime. Denatured spirit preparation made unfit for human consumption by adding poisonous substances like methyl alcohol and others is also a crime under Prohibition Act 67(A). Police seize samples of country liquor produced and manufactured in India. Indian made foreign liquors for which potable duty is paid are also referred for analysis. Alcohol assay of excise samples is done by using Densitometer. Blood of a person who commits any crime under the influence of alcohol such as rash driving in the drunken condition under motor vehicle act and offenses which fall under I.P.C. sections 302, 307, 304(a), 376 is also analyzed by this division.